3 – Editing an Estimate

This article explains how to change the contents of an existing estimate: title, pricing, tags, etc. If you want to change estimate status, such as changing a draft estimate to an approved estimate, see Changing Estimate Status.


Estimate that have “Draft” or “Awaiting Approval” status can be edited. ??? how do I explain about not editing estimates that are approved”? Not recommended???


1. Find the Estimate to Edit

To access your Estimates page, click Estimates in the bar that runs across the top of the screen.


To find the estimate you want to edit, you can scroll through your list, or or use the Smart Search field to enter any part of the customer name, estimate description or number, date, status, or any other field.


2. Edit the Estimate

From your estimates list, there are two ways to access the Edit Estimate page. The first way is to click the three-icon in the Manage column and choose Edit.


The second way is to open the estimate details page, by clicking any field of the estimate’s description: number, customer, date etc.


This opens the estimate details page where you can view services, fees, customer, schedule, etc. To edit any part of the estimate, click the Edit icon at the top right.


There is no need to click a Save button during edits, because changes are saved automatically.

For an estimate that has already been sent to the customer, but not approved (“Awaiting Approval” status), back at the top you can save the estimate as a draft, then resend to the customer.




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