6 – Changing an Estimate’s Status

This article explains how to manually change an estimate’s status. Manual status change can be done, for example, if you’ve sent the customer an estimate, and they approve the estimate in person, or by phone or text.

If your customers have web portal access, the entire estimate process can be done online.


1. Find the Estimate

To access your Estimates page, click Estimates in the bar that runs across the top of the screen.


To find the estimate you want to edit, you can scroll through your list, or or use the Smart Search field to enter any part of the customer name, estimate description or number, date, status, or any other field.


2. Change the Estimate Status

To open the estimate, click any field in the estimates list: estimate name, customer, etc. In this example, the estimate has been sent to the customer, and its status is “Awaiting Approval.”


In the estimate’s details page, click the Actions drop-down menu at the top right. In addition to options for sending the estimate, there are options for changing the estimate’s status: Sent ???Awaiting Approval???, Expired, Declined, Approved.  In this example, the estimate will be changed to “Approved.”


The status update is reflected in the top left corner, and will appear in the Estimates page as well.


Once approved, you still have sending options in the Actions menu, as well as the ability to duplicate, delete, or sign. You can also use the green button to convert the estimate to an invoice, once the job has been completed.

Why no option to convert to job???


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