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Push and Email Notifications

In Field Service CRM, you have the ability to send a push notification to a mobile technician for Jobs. All CRM customers will be receiving these notifications via email. Also these notifications can be viewed for the office staff inside the software.

Employee Notifications

The first list is Employee Notifications. The toggle switch at the top can be used to disable all employee notifications. If this slider is disabled, you can choose whether to notify employees about jobs, updates, and cancellations. NOTE: that in order for an employee to receive a notification, the employee must be assigned to the job.

Customer Notifications

The toggle switch at the top can be used to disable all customer notifications. You can choose whether to notify customers about scheduled estimates and jobs, updates and reminders, cancellations, and payments.

Viewing Notifications

In Field Service CRM the notifications can be viewed by clicking the bell icon on a right top corner.


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