Getting Started

Set up Your Personal Profile

The Profile page is where you enter your contact information, signature, login details, and connect social media.

NOTE: when filling out these fields, it’s not necessary to click a Save button. Saving is done automatically.

The first section is Profile Details, where you enter your full name, phone, and any internal office notes such as hire date or birthday. If you set up tags to identify types of employees, such as Office Manager, start typing that tag name and click the tag when it appears. You can also create a new tag simply by typing the identifier you want and pressing Enter.

If you want a digital signature to appear when sending an Estimate or Invoice, click Update Signature in the Signature section.

There are two ways to create a signature.

  1. With the Type option, you can simply type your name, and an italic signature will be created for you. Click Clear to start over, or Done to accept the signature.
  2. With the Draw option, you can drag your mouse to create your own signature. Click Clear to start over, or Done to accept the signature.

The next field is Login Information. The email you list in the Email field determines both your login username and the address to which updates and notifications will be sent. If you already have a password, you can change it by entering and confirming the new password in those fields. Click Update to confirm changes.

Social Login is single sign-on for CRM users. Using existing login information from a social network provider like Facebook, Linkedin, or Google, instead of creating a new account. This simplifies registrations and logins for end users.


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