4 – Sending an Estimate to the Customer

Note that this article explains how to manually send an estimate to the customer. If the customer has web portal access , the estimate process can all be doneĀ  is sent automatically, and the customer can use their portal to view the estimate, approve the estimate or send a note, or to convert the estimate to a job. ??? true?? See Sending an Estimate via the Customer Web Portal.


A completed estimate that still has “Draft” status can be sent to the customer.


1. Find the Estimate

To access your Estimates page, click Estimates in the bar that runs across the top of the screen.


To find the estimate you want to send, you can scroll through your list, or or use the Smart Search field to enter any part of the customer name, estimate description or number, date, status, or any other field.


To open the estimate details page, click any field of the estimate’s description: number, customer, date etc.


2. Send the Estimate

The estimate’s “Draft” status can be seen at the top left corner.


If you want to add a signature to the estimate before sending, that option can be found in the Actions menu, which will be described farther on.


The Send Email link at the top right corner can be used to email the estimate to the customer, as an attachment.


The To field contains the email listed in the Customer’s details, but this can be changed if needed. You can also enter a message for the customer that will appear in the body of the email.


3. Estimate Actions

After clicking Send, the estimate status changes to “Awaiting Approval.”


The Actions menu at the top right provides a few other methods for sending the estimate, such as SMS (text message), PDF download, or file attachment. You can also use Share Estimate Link to generate a URL containing the estimate, which can be emailed or texted to the customer.

You can also use options in the Actions menu to Mark as Sent (why not Awaiting Approval???), Expired, Declined, or Approved.


The final Actions option is Sign Estimate, which applies your personal signature to the bottom of the estimate. This signature can be set up in your Profile page.


See also: converting estimate to job???

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