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Add Services or Products

Next step in updating your company information is to create services and products. Services are the work you perform for the customer and are available in Estimates, Job, and Invoices.


Services and product are listed according to category. To create or edit categories, click Manage Categories. (NOTE: you can also create a new category when creating a new item)

In the Manage Item Categories window, you can add a new category by filling in the New Category field and pressing Enter. Existing categories can be edited or deleted here as well. When finished, click Save.

Add Item (Service or Material)

To add a service or material, click New Item.

First, choose the category in which this item will be listed. If the category you want doesn’t already exist, you can create a new category in this window. Then assign the item a name, and choose whether the item is a service or material. Assigning a price is required, though this value can be zero if you prefer to enter prices manually in estimates, jobs or invoices. Any price you list here will just be a default, and can be changed in your estimates and invoices. Finally, add a description, which will also appear in Estimates, Jobs and Invoices. When finished, click Add Item.

Services and Materials List

Once your categories and items are created, they will be listed in category order.

The Smart Search  field at the top right corner of the table can be used to search for a particular item within a category. Any keyword can be used from part of the item name or description.

Manage Services and Materials

You can use the toggle switch if you want to temporarily disable an item from the list of available services. To manage items, clicking the three-dot icon opens a menu with Edit and Delete options.


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