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The Tags page is where you create color-coded identifiers to describe employees, customers, types of services or jobs, invoices etc. Basically a tag is a keyword that you use often, and want to appear in lists and tables.

NOTE: the Tags page is not the only place where tags can be created. In any field where tags can be entered, if you want to create a new tag, simply type the text of the tag and press Enter. That new tag will then appear the next time you open the Tags page. If you want to change the color of a tag created outside of the Tags page, you’ll need to edit that tag on the Account Settings Tags page.

For example, you can use tags to identify types of service or customer, such as “Rug Cleaning” or “Rug Dealer”

To get to the Tags page, open your Account Settings and in the menu, click Tags.

The Tag List contains all tags set up so far, in table format. The table can be sorted by name by clicking the Name header. The Smart Search  field at the top right corner of the table can be used to search for a particular tag. Any part of a tag can be used. Clearing the search field brings back the entire table. To create a new tag, click Add Tag at the top of the table.

Enter the tag name, then click the color square to choose the tag’s color.

The Options column can be found at the far right side of the table. The three-dot icon in these fields can be used to Edit or Delete a tag.


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