1 – The Estimates Page: Overview

The Estimates page is where you can access details and information for all of your estimates, including those that are still drafts, those that have been accepted, etc.. To get here, click Estimates in the bar that runs across the top of the screen.

(Note that before estimates can be created, you’ll first need to set up your business’s services and materials.)


Across the top of the Estimates page is a summary of all estimates, broken down into drafts, expired, declined and approved. pending awaiting approval???¬† New Estimate button at the top right can be used to create a new estimate. (You can also create an estimate for a specific customer directly from that customer’s details page.)


The rest of the page contains your list of estimates in table format. The table can be sorted according to the order of any column, by clicking on the column header. Clicking a column header again reverses the order.


The list can be filtered to show estimates of specific statuses: drafts, approved, etc.


The Visibility filter can be used to show or hide columns from the estimates table.


The Date filter can be used to show estimates from specific days or months, or you can use the From and To fields to enter a time range.


The Smart Search  field at the top right corner of the table can be used to search for a particular estimate. Any keyword can be used: name, estimate description, etc. Clearing the search field brings back the entire table.


The Manage column can be found at the far right side of the table. The three-dot icon in these fields can be used to edit an estimate or delete an estimate.


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