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Adding Employee, User and Permissions

The Users page is where you set up accounts for any employees who need access to Field Service CRM, such as technicians, office staff, etc. To get here you can do 2 ways:

First. Open your drop down menu that appears in the right side next to user name, and click My Team.

Second. Click Users in Account Settings.

All of your company employees with Field Service CRM access appear in the table.

The Smart Search field at the top right corner of the table can be used to search for a particular employee. Any keyword can be used: name, part of an email, part of a phone number, etc. Clearing the search field brings back the entire table.

To add an employee, click New User at the top right.

NOTE: the number of users you can create depends on your Field Service CRM subscription.

The first part of a new user’s details is Personal Details. Start with name and contact details.

If you set up tags to identify types of employees, such as “Temp” or “Part Time,” start typing that tag name and click the tag when it appears. You can also create a new tag simply by typing the identifier you want and pressing Enter.

In order for the user to set up his or her new account, they will need an initial password, which you can enter in the Password and Repeat Password fields. This password will be included in the welcome email the user will receive, and when signing in for the first time, they will be prompted to create their own password.

There are three roles you can choose for the new user:

  1. Administrator (an administrator automatically has full permission to access all sections of Field Service CRM)
  2. Technician
  3. Office Employee

For technicians and office employees, permissions will have to be set up manually – click Permissions Details.

When finished, click Create User. The user will receive an email with account login details, as well as the initial password you set up for access.

A user who has not yet signed in to create an account will be listed as Inactive, and you can click Resend Invitation to remind the user to activate the account.

To manage users, use the slider to view the right side of the table. Clicking the three-dot icon under Options column opens a menu with Edit and Delete options.


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